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Dahlias are one of my favorite flowering plants, with a long bloom season, from early summer to the first frost. Deer and rabbits seem to have no interest in eating these showy plants. While they are usually grown as an annual flower, it is easy to store the roots…….


Dahlias are Definitely one of my favourite flowering crops, with An prolonged bloom season, from early summer time to The primary frost. Deer and rabbits Appear to have Little curiosity in consuming these showy crops. Wright hereas Theyre typically grown as an annual flower, It Is simple to retailer the roots over the winter and Revenue from the identical crops For A pair of yrs.

Listed right here are the steps for overwintering:

Wait till A pair of days after We now have a frost that causes the foliage and flowers to die again. Youd like to dig them out earlier than the soil freezes.

Make constructive Youve separated and labeled the roots by selection.

Reduce the stems again To some inches above the soil, using a clear, sharp pruner. It is A great suggestion to disinfect the pruners between crops using A ten% chlorine blevery reply. This will discourage the unfold of fungus.

With a spading fork, dig about 12 inches from the plant, enhanceing gently as you go aspherical.

As quickly as The underside is damaged up, enhance The complete plant out. Rigorously take away soil Throughout the roots. Dahlias are tubers; their root system consists of swollen undergspherical storage organs, Simply like potatoes. Like potatoes, the dahlia tubers type eyes, new progress factors for subsequent yr’s crops. For dahlias, these eyes Shall be On The very Greater of the tubers adjoining to the stem from this yr’s plant. Do you Want to break An eye fixed off, It Goes to be unable to sprout in spring. As quickly as A lot of the soil is Disregarded, use a backyard hose To wash off the reprimarying soil.

Place the tubers on a flat clear floor; cardboard works properly. Permit them to dry utterly. It is going to take a quantity of days.

You will Have The power To use a fungicide to the tubers Earlier to storage. Do you Want tor crops had fungal factors, like powdery mildew, That is in all probability A great precaution.

Place your tubers in a cardboard area and lay them flat. In case You are crconsuming a quantity of layers, put some brown paper between layers. For moisture administration, Youd possibly Want To place them in peat moss or wooden chips. The objective is To primarytain the tubers moist enough To cease drying, however dry enough To cease rot.

Store them in a darkish place wright here the temperature will primarytain between 40 and 50 levels. An unheated storage can work properly, if You retain in thoughts to convey the area in all by way of sub- zero nights. Keep a fridge thermometer close by To watch the temperature. Look at moisture ranges every few weeks and spritz with water if too dry. Too dry Is biggest than too moist.

In spring, It Is potential So as that you merely can to plant the roots once the hazard of frost is previous.

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