My husband prefers gardening to sex | Weekend – The Times

Q My husband and I have no children and are free to have sex whenever we want. We’re only in our fifties, but now it seems he prefers being out in the garden to being in the bedroom with me. When we do have sex it’s always at night. I miss o…….


Q My husband And that i have no youthfulsters and are free to have intercourse every time We would like. We’re solely in our fifties, however now it seems he chooses being out Inside the backyard to being Inside the bed room with me. As quickly as we do have intercourse it’s On A daily basis at Evening time. I miss our afternoon delight — and isn’t he a bit youthful to choose backyarding to intercourse?

A Although It is pretty potential that this dry spell is a blip Which will resolve itself in time, A lot of males start to wrestle emotionally As quickly as theyre Inside their fifties, so it Might be that he has retired quietly to the potting shed To look at his life’s objective and question The biggest Method to make Definitely one of the biggest use


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