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Straw bale gardening gives gardeners more flexibility and it’s a great option for spring/summer and fall/winter gardens. Photo by Mary Tran

Mary TranUCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County

What is straw bale gardening? It means planting your vegg…….


Straw bale backyarding provides backyarders extra flexibility and It is An excellent selection for spring/summer time and fall/winter backyards. Pscorchingograph by Mary Tran

Mary Tran
UCCE Grasp Gardeners of El Dorado County

Whats straw bale backyarding? It means planting your veggies and flowers immediately into straw bales Rather than using raised beds or planting immediately into The underside.

Does it work? It does work as a Outcome of the straw provides a safe anchorage for the roots of your crops. Vitamin comes from The proceedd decomposition Contained in the bale, plus any fertilizers Youd like So as to add. Water comes from a drip line or hand/hose watering.

Why is it a sensible Method to backyard? There are a quantity of advantages to using straw bales. Straw bales are moveable, which makes set-up quick, straightforward and adaptable to small spaces Similar to patios. However, When you start conditioning the bales and watering them, they Discover your self to be very heavy and are troublesome To maneuver so Make constructive your bales are positioned The biggest method you want them earlier than You start. Straw bales additionally elevate your backyard, Supplying you with quick entry for tending and harvesting.

Enconstructive To buy straw bales, not hay bales. Hay bales include alfalfa and grass seeds Which will sprout.

Why is it superb? Using straw bales provides you good freedom in your backyard design. You will Have The power To rearrange the bales Proper into a maze, For event, or a seating circle or a dwelling flower association lining the drivemethod.

Okay, so how do I do it? First, plan the format. Meaconstructive your backyarding space and sketch out The way you should arrange the bales. A conventional bale is 36 inches prolonged by 18 inches deep by 16 inches tall. Think about the place You Ought to have flowers, veggies or climbers. Many flowers and greens need A minimal of six hours of daylight Daily so place your bale accordingly And enconstructive there’s a water supply close by.

Bales Might be utilized in each fall/winter and spring/summer time backyards. Situation the bales by spreading a beneficiant layer of water soluble, extreme nitrogen fertilizer Similar to ammonium sulfate Excessive of the bale. Water the bales Daily To primarytain them moist And start the composting course of. For The primary week, add the fertilizer every fullly different day and proceed watering. By way of the second week, use half as a lot fertilizer and proceed watering. By The prime of the second week, the composting course of Ought to be full and the bales should really feel cool to the contact. To plant a seedling, simply use a trowel to dig a hole Inside The very Greater of your bale. To plant by seed, Similar to squash, carrots or lettuce, cowl the floor with 2 To three inches of potting mix, permitting the seeds to germinate in a medium Aside from straw.

Arrange the drip strains and add helps for climbers Similar to tomatoes And a few squashes. Do Youd like to really feel you Have to shield the seedlings from birds, squirrels or deer, you can put a fence Throughout the bales. In terribly scorching climate you can lay A Lightweight row cowl over them.

After harvesting your veggies or flowers On The prime of the season, the bales can be damaged down and added to the compost bin, used as mulch or used To shield tender crops all through the winter months. Voila! Winter is The right time start planning for subsequent spring To start out An unimaginable straw bale backyard. For extra information on straw bale backyarding go to anrcatalog……..


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