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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – One of the iconic Texas landscapes is a field of flowers along the roadside. An open pasture of wildflowers in full Spring color is a great reason to drive down a state highway here in the Lone Star state. Thanks in large part to Lady Bird Johnson, for decades floweri…….


NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Definitely one of many iconic Texas landscapes is a area of flowers alongside the roadside. An open pasture of wildflowers in full Spring colour Is An excellent set off to drive down a state freeway right here Inside the Lone Star state. Thanks Largely to Woman Chook Johnson, For many years flowering meadows have regularly elevated their presence Inside the Texas countryside and roadways.

I sat down with the Texas Plant Man, Daniel Cunningham on How one can unfold The enpleasurement of wildflowers throughout your An factor of Texas. Theyre referred to as “Seed Bombs.” Principally, mix in An monumental bowl 4 parts powered clay (from a Pottery current place), 5 parts bagged compost and one half wildflower seed. You buy your seed in quantity by the pound, Tright heres broad Quantity of mixes To choose from. Simply Make constructive You are buying for Whats native or Tailored to north Texas. Add just enough water (Barely at a time has you hand mix) to make it the consistency of thick cookie dough. Then roll nickel-measurement balls And permit them to dry out.

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Definitely one of the Greater half about seed bombs is Which will be A fantastic exercise to do with The youngsters. Who wouldn’t Want to get their palms coated in a thick mash of clay, dust and seed? Kids will Choose it.

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Discover the open space You should unfold your seed bombs out. If the grass is thick Youd possibly have to clear a small patch To Search out strong dust To place your seed bomb on. The subsequent heavy rain begins The tactic. Till then the clay retains the bugs, rain or wind from carrying away your seeds. A heavy rain dissolves the clay away enough to get the seed to germinate and take root Inside the soil under, feeding in the meantime on the compost That is An factor of the combination.

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Enpleasureable AND efficient. I good Method to unfold The good seen pleasure of a area of flowers. Pretty.


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